Chimney And Dryer Vent Cleaning

When was the last time you had your fireplace cleaned?

Many people forget just how important regular fireplace and chimney maintenance is to a home. With winter always nipping around the corner, fireplace care and cleaning is a must for any home owner and family. With the care and know how to get the job done, Compton’s Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. is there to service your chimney! Bonded, licensed and insured, burn safe with our 21 point safety inspection.

Texas is the diverse and special place that we call home. The hot summers and chilly winters make living in Texas a great experience. We at Compton’s want to ensure that your house and loved ones are protected from not only those cold nights, but also the dangers associated with chimney fires. People needlessly lose their homes to preventable fires. We are here to give you peace of mind and will come out to assess your chimney and let you know of any issues you may have that need to be addressed.

We are here for you.

Another overlooked item in your home is your dryer vent. Home and apartment dryers are some of the hardest working machines for laundry. They break down and clog much faster than any other machine in your home! If you find that you’re having to dry your clothes two or three times to get them dry, if you notice your dryer gets hotter than it used to, or if you see an excess of lint in the lint catcher, chances are your dryer vent could be clogged. At Compton’s, we’re here to help you take care of those items in your home that are often overlooked, because we care.