Floor Stripping/Burnishing

If your floor is either Vinyl Composition Tile, commonly called “VCT”, or Terrazzo Tile, which is a mixture of concrete and marble, and it’s either new or has an old, dull finish to it, call the professionals at Compton’s! We can strip, seal, and wax your floors. We also offer propane burnishing! We exclusively use the Windsor Lightning Propane Burnishers which have earned a reputation for being reliable and durable. This workhorse line of equipment is widely used by cleaning personnel and professional contractors in the educational, institutional, retail, and grocery industries.

• EPA Certified Low Emission Fuel System
• UL Listed Components
• 20lb. Safety Fill Fuel Cylinder
• Quick Change Drop-In Cylinder Holder
• Variable Pad Pressure With Adjustable Wheels
• Tilt-Back Design
• Two Deck Options: 24” and 27”

Features include advanced propane fuel systems, coupled with automotive grade catalytic mufflers. The powerful 17hp Kawasaki propane engine provides for fast and consistent burnishing, and works excellently on VCT and Terrazzo floors.

Standing up to high traffic, high maintenance applications, with style. VCT performs beautifully under the highest traffic, highest maintenance conditions. Its through-pattern construction of color and pattern extends throughout the thickness of the tile, making scuffs and scrapes virtually undetectable. Whether in neutrals, pastels or saturated vibrant colors, VCT is stylish, durable, and economical. Even more importantly, it contains increasingly high percentages of recycled content, because they have invested heavily in the creation of technologically advanced, innovative take back programs.

Let Compton’s put such a shine on the floor that women can’t wear skirts in the building!