Historical Cleaning

We at Compton’s are proud to say that we have been used exclusively to perform our Total Dust Down Service, which is a one-time cleaning from floor to ceiling, on the Ellis County Court House, the new Ellis County Justice Center (which is 102,000 square feet), The Texas Theater, The 1879 Chisholm Trail Steak House, The Ellis County Clerk’s Office, The Waxahachie Police Department, The District Attorney’s Office, The Marchman’s Building, The Rogers Hotel, Attorney Joe Gallo’s Office, Attorney Dan Cox’s Office, Dr. David Reagan’s Office, Scott’s Furniture Store, Happy’s Furniture Store, Citizens National Bank, College Street Printing, The Barbecue Pit, Attorney Steve Chapman’s Office, State Representative Jim Pitts’ Office, and The Catfish Plantation.

We are honored to have been trusted enough to clean and perform fire and water restoration to all these wonderful, historic buildings located in downtown Waxahachie. Hands down, at Compton’s we consider our reputation to be one of our greatest assets.

I am very proud to say that over the past 20 years I’ve had several of my competitors steal my advertising slogans. They have tried to letter their vans like mine, try to make their uniforms look like mine, and I must be honest and say that it flatters me. At Compton’s, we’re often imitated but never duplicated. Our customer service and standards are unmatched. But I’m proud to say that, over the years, so many of my competitors have wanted to be me when they grew up.

At Compton’s, our team gleams with clean! We are an award-winning community recognized carpet cleaning company.