Oriental Rug Cleaning

At Compton's Carpet Cleaning, Inc. we understand the value of a fine rug. That is why we perform a detailed inspection of the face yarns, fringes and what the rug is made of. We also perform a 12-hour colorfast test that will help our technicians determine what cleaning process is best for your fine rugs.

Most rugs can be hand cleaned at one of our facilities with a 5-step process. However, there are some rugs that are so heavily soiled or have such a severe pet odor that they require a different cleaning approach. In these cases your fine rugs are "PIT WASHED". Using the unique system of air and water to provide the most thorough and effective, yet gentle cleaning. It is powerfully soft on your fine rugs.

Compton's Carpet Cleaning, Inc. will pick up your rug, clean it and deliver it. You may also drop it off at our main office and pick it up yourself.