Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Fresher, Brighter, Cleaner

Restore the fresh new look of your kitchen and bathroom countertops and floors, kitchen and bath tiles with Compton’s Carpet Cleaning’s specialized and professional grout cleaning services.

Over the years, your designer tiles and counter tops are exposed to the open environment, and attract dirt and grime. Most of this dirt settles between the tiles and in crevices where a simple tooth brush and household cleaners just won’t reach. Grout can make your formerly elegant bathroom or country kitchen look dirty and unclean.

Compton’s tile and grout cleaning services make use of a special grout cleaning solution combined with a hot water rinse and vacuum system that help ensure that every speck of grime is sucked right out of its hiding place. Tile and grout cleaning is in fact the easiest and most inexpensive way to make over your bathroom without actually replacing the tiles themselves. As years of dirt and build-up are removed, the tiles gleam with a renewed shiny quality. Our professional tile cleaning services clean tile grout, and clean ceramic tile using a processes and techniques that other tile cleaning companies simply can’t match.

What Can I Expect from Compton’s Tile and Grout Cleaning Service?

Compton’s can restore the shine and gloss back to your ceramic tile surfaces. Kitchen and bath countertops, kitchen and bath floors, bath tiles, tiled foyers, entranceways, showers and enclosures, tubs, sunroom, etc. – Wherever tiles can attract grime, you’ll find Compton’s experienced crew ready to attack grime with a vengeance!

We make use of specially formulated tile and grout cleaners to clean tile grout and ceramic tiles to leave them looking new. Once the tile grout cleaner has done its job, we use a hot rinse to make sure all last traces of bacteria and germs are flushed out.

And that’s not all… Once the tile and grout has been cleaned, we will apply a special clear grout sealant. This sealant covers the grout and makes it resistant to stains in the future. This ensures that cleaning is a breeze!